Consider sustainability in every part
of our work and process.

Be the world best sustainable manufacturer



Reduce 30% Water by 2026
Reduce 30% Energy by 2030
Use 100% ZDHC positive list chemical by 2025
Reduce 20% Air emission by 2025
Use 100% green screening chemical by 2025


For considering manageability we are survey our maintainability practice by Higg FEM in consistently. Last year Fashion and Trends bunch got 100% score in Higg FEM. The Higg score is consider as manageability score by all purchasers just as for H&M it is Platinum score according to their scoring framework. Fashion and Trends bunch is doing as such numerous supportable practice for executing the HIGG FEM that additionally can Leads the maintainability live.

Fashion and Trends bunch is doing as such numerous feasible practice for carrying out the HIGG FEM that likewise can Leads the manageability live.

  1. Tree Plantation in community and school premises.
  2. Hazardous Waste Management System.
  3. Rainwater Harvesting System.
  4. Waste Water Recycling System.
  5. Normal taps replaced push taps.
  6. Install Water Meter in Every Process for Tracking the Water Consumption.
  7. Install Energy Meter in Every Process for Tracking the Energy Consumption.


Fashion and Trends (PVT) Ltd group bunch is giving greater need on manageability cotton in its item and we are GOTs, OCS and BCI. Feasible cotton is subsequently filled in a manner that can keep up with levels of creation with insignificant ecological effect.



Fashion and Trends Pvt Ltd is doing wash in consider with water conservation, energy conservation and chemical conservation as well. We have modern technology wash machine facilitate with low liquor ratio.

The technology really leads the sustainability in terms of water, energy and chemical saving as well as helps to reduce pollution.


Low liquor ratio machine such as 1:1 so save water and chemical.


Sustainable Water

Fashion and Trends (Pvt) Ltd values every drop of water. Water is the only resource that no one can import. We have so many caring practice for water conservation such as Rain Water Harvesting, Reuse of generator hot water, Waste Water recycling, Push taps, Wash in low liquor ration, element unnecessary wash process and involve in water conservation project such as STWI and PaCT. We have Bio-Chemical waste water treatment plant with own testing lab facility for discharging the water into the environment within the Nation parameters and ZDHC waste water guideline V 1.1 as well as we uploaded our waste water in ZDHC gateway twice in a year . Apart from those we have metering system in every process in coming for tracking the water consumption.



We strongly work in the favor of environment conservation rather than destroying it. In pursuit of conservation of nature, we have strict measures which are followed at every stage of the production, even disposing of the waste materials is taken seriously to conserve the habitats of sea and ocean animals.

In order to diminish the environmental damage, our advanced Waste Water Treatment Plant houses latest technologies, equipment and operated by experienced Technicians to meet the National Environmental Quality Standards.

    • Primary filtration
    • Settling Tank
  • Balancing Tank
  • Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF)
  • Aeration Tank
  • Clarifier Tank
  • Ultra-Filtration Media

Lab Testing:

The effluent water parameters i.e COD,BOD,PH,TDS,TSS, Temperature are observed and it is ensured that they are under the required NEQS standards.

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Training, a continuous activity of Fashion and Trends (PVT) Ltd, is offered to textile mills on a wide variety of topics both as structured modules as well as need based requirements of the industry.

Managerial programs are designed to offer sufficient inputs on both technical as well as managerial skills while Functional programs aim at helping shop floor technicians sharpening their skills on specific technical areas.


Fashion and Trends is focusing in order to promote equal opportunities for men and women.

We most of us agree that in order to have a fair and productive working environment, an equal balance of men and women is required, more commonly than not, this is not the case despite the modern age that we live in.