In pursuit of becoming a high tier benchmark for other companies in our sector, we are going lengths to uplift the overall bar by becoming the quality focused and environment friendly enterprise. We believe in collaborative efforts thus; we work in teams cultivating better interpersonal relations with the fellow employees and other surrounding communities.

Even in the lowest of economic times, we still aim to deliver the best quality while keeping the cost competitive with the market. We tend to be proactive to the changing trends in the global market, structuring strategies before the recession. We have always prioritized timely delivery while ensuring the its top quality.

We strongly believe that providing a customer centered product will certainly fulfil the needs. This also includes certain quality standards, warranty and price offerings. We have well defined KPIs to measure and improve the performance of every department. This approach has won us certain accreditations namely ISO 9001, CTPAT, NEEDLE POLICY and WRAP.


Syed Zia Alumdar Hussain (CEO/Founder)