About Fashion & Trends (pvt) Ltd

Manufacturer and Exporter of Knitted Garments

Since inception of Fashion & Trends private Limited, we have been the only contender in the market who kept value along excellence. Our knitwear & Garment unit started its operation in 2000. We soon became the renowned name in the manufacturing and export of Knitwear in the World.

Our Garment Factory has manufactured and exported a wide range of garments for over 20 years based on the principle of reliability and quality for our clients from all over the world.

The fully vertically integrated facilities help gives the organization the infrastructure, Knowledge, and speed to meet the shortest possible lead times that are the need of the present-day customers. We are now one of the most reputable suppliers of high-quality garments in the World.

Our Company

Our factory has been exerting efforts to uplift the export quality in the country. We have been around for more than 20 years, delivering valued and reliable products for our distinguished clients from all over the globe. We have achieved absolute trust of our partners in a very short period of time by rendering premium quality knitwear to our customers.

Our journey started with pursuit of revolutionizing the industry by advanced technology equipment and most appropriate HR policies. We started operations by offering opportunity to zeal-driven people who had the dream to bring out the best.

Our company always aimed for the best outcomes while keeping our employees safe and environment preserved. We offer all kinds of Hosiery Knitted Garments customized according to our clients’ demands. We have one of the very first vertically integrated structure of operations dealing from Knitting to Cutting, Stitching, Printing, even Garment Washing and Dyeing. Our management believes in synergy and collaboration to achieve company’s set goals and objectives.

To provide with high end products which can cater the needs of our customers, has been the key concern in the production department. This also takes an extra effort to keep all employees stay focused and determined.

Our Business

Manufacturer and Exporter of Knitted Garments

Our knitwear is the product of most advanced vertically integrated production unit in Pakistan equipped with high-end technology which specializes in knitting, dyeing and manufacturing. We have most competent people in our product development department which makes our knitwear products standout the crowd by a mile.

It includes high quality along with innovative designs and implementations. Our products are prepared from scratch to finished form in no time, giving us the best turnover duration. Each step of production is supervised by highly qualified and experienced staff. We never compromise on quality of our products and conservation of environment in any way.

Our Mission

  • To produce qualified products according to the specification, by timely delivery.
  • To provide equal service to value our customers.

Our Customers